Patrician College For Women is a Christian Minority institution. It is run by the Society of the Brothers of St. Patrick, an International Catholic Religious Order founded in the year 1808. It has established its presence in all continents of the world. The College was founded in the year 2017 on the sprawling campus of St. Joseph's Academy, the best ranked day school in the State. The College has a campus spread over four acres of land. The Brothers are well known for both school and higher education in India and abroad. With their experience of 209 years in the field of education they bring into Patrician College For Women a system of education that is based on sound moral principles and values.

The College is located in the heart of Dehradun city and is easily accessible by road and rail. It has a green campus with rich vegetation and right ambience to foster academic pursuits.


Academic Programme

Patrician College For Women offers B.A. and B.Com. of 3 years duration programme recognised by Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University.


The Subjects offered

Arts - B.A.

English, Hindi, History, Psychology, Economics, Maths

Commerce - B.Com

Medium of instruction will be English


Student Discipline

Students of Patrician College shall maintain discipline which includes the observation of good conduct and orderly behaviour. Punctuality and regularity in attendance,Punctuality and regularity in attendance, proper uniform , earnest efforts in assignment and polite behaviour inside as well as outside the college is always insisted on. Full co-operation of parents is expected at all times, in all matters. The students must remember that the college is judged by their conduct , thus every student is expected to contribute to the high tone of the college by his/her manners and behaviour.



Students are required to be regular in their classes. They must attend not less than 80% of aggregate of lectures in order to be eligible to appear for the examination.

No student will be allowed to take up a job while pursuing the degree programme.



The college has a well designed uniform constituting of sky-blue shirt and navy blue trousers and scarf. The uniform includes navy blue socks and black shoes. In winters the students wear navy blue blazer



Patrician College For Women is spread over 4 acres with all latest amenities and facilities. It shares the campus with St. Joseph's Academy. The college sets a high standard of excellence with equipped classrooms, sophisticated and spacious laboratories, well stocked and digitalised library, enviable auditorium and a big playground.



Set in a serene environment, the lecture theatres are well lit, adequately ventilated and equipped with LCD Projectors and other facilities to make the classroom experience highly educative.


IT Resource Centre

Patrician College for Women aims to familiarise the students with the latest techniques and innovations to make learning informative and interesting for the students. The college has a well developed IT resource centre with sufficient number of computers.



Library is the backbone of an educational institution . The college has a well maintained and well stocked library. It has adequate number of books, periodicals, journals, magazines and e-books which the students can access whenever required. The library follows an open access system.


Language Laboratory

A well developed and well equipped language laboratory has been set up for the linguistic skill development of the learners. Our language laboratory is tool and technology based which is best suited for accent development , phonetics and for the development of inter and intra personal communication. Language laboratory has many audio-visual devices like microphones, LCD Projectors, CD, headphones etc. which are effective tools in language drill.


Health and Physical Centre

The college has a fully furnished health and physical resource centre to provide all possible opportunities to the students to excel in sports. The main objective of this resource centre is to provide the students with sufficient resources and to create an environment which infuses in the student the spirit of sportsmanship. It aims to develop professional competence through physical culture and to develop an appreciation for sports and games.

Patrician College For Women has excellent sports facilities for indoor and outdoor games. The college has a field for football, hockey and volley ball. It also has facilities for basketball, badminton and a ground for all the track and field events, Physical culture and sportsmanship is envisaged in the college by providing ample facilities for games.


Regulatory Bodies

The college is affiliated to Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University . The other statutory bodies are the relevant bodies of Government of Uttarakhand.


Self Development

The college aims at providing quality education for the overall development and ensures harmonious growth of students. The leadership qualities of the students are developed through various associations and group activities.


Academic and Cultural Environment

Education is a process by which a student is trained to learn, grow and move in life and in Patrician College For Women all efforts are made to educate the student in the right way. The college has an array of programmes to motivate and develop self confidence. The students are awarded grade certificates enveloping their entire year's performance. Some of the important activities organised are:


  • Debate
  • Quiz
  • Slogan Writing
  • Extempore
  • Educational Tours
  • Rangoli making
  • Gift wrapping
  • Rakhi making
  • Thali decoration
  • Salad decoration
  • Yoga
  • Best out of waste



Co-Curricular Activities

India is a land of rich heritage, culture and festivities. The Patrician family thus, celebrates all the festivals by organising various programmes and special assemblies. The students conduct special assemblies which in turn help them to take the initiative and organise these activities in future.

The College lays emphasis on games and sports throughout the academic year and organises sports day, promoting sportsmanship and healthy competition. The college also organizes yoga seminars for the students. The experts guide the students and impart knowledge about the different asanas and the art of meditation.


Literary Activities

The literary activities are a channelized effort to bring out the hidden talent of the students. These are designed to promote qualities like leadership, team work and hardwork. Debates, slogan writing, seminars, quiz, extempore and workshops are some of the important literary activities organized at Patrician College.


Anti Ragging Measures

Ragging is totally banned on Patrician College Campus. The College has established anti-ragging cell for curbing the menace of ragging. The faculty and the members of the cell ensure that there is an amicable relationship among the students.

All the cases of ragging will be referred to anti ragging cell and anyone found guilty of ragging or abetting ragging will be liable to punishment. The College will take strict action against any behavior or act that comes under the definition of ragging. In case of ragging, the UGC rules will be strictly enforced.


Women's Cell

Women's Cell has been set up to take care of the problems of students. The Women's cell of the college addresses the issues related to the women staff and the students of the college. The lady teachers of the college also counsel the students regularly. The main objective of the cell is to empower the girl students and to make them aware of their rights and duties. The cell also lays guidelines for the prevention of sexual harassment. The U.G.C. guidelines with regards to Women's Cell are strictly enforced in the college.


Corporate Social Responsibility

To impart values of social justice, brotherhood and concern for the less privileged, the college organises outreach programmes. This being an important part of educational programme, Students are supposed to work and help in orphanages, reformatories, special schools, home for the aged and correctional centres etc. The college promotes in the students a sense of neighbourhood so that they appreciate the role of college as a vital community centre and foster in them a concern for all, particularly the less privileged. The college puts in sincere efforts to develop in the students a sense of responsibility for the society. The student actively participate in Environmental awareness programmes, Cleanliness drive & Blood Donation camps.


Mentoring Programme

The college has an effective mentoring programme. The objective of mentoring at Patrician College is to develop a close student teacher relationship and to foster all round development of the students in a friendly way and also to monitor their progress in academics and social skills. The mentors provide career guidance and counselling besides giving directions and training in curricular, extra and co- curricular activities which lead to their personality development.


Value Education

Rapid advancement in the socio-technological scenario has led to moral degradation. There is a strong urge to stop the undesirable impact of such negative changes in the society. We, at Patrician College emphasize on moral education to imbibe the values like honesty and sincerity through special lectures. The examples of values are set by the faculty through the fairness and equality by which they treat the students. Special value based assemblies are also conducted to instill enduring values among the Students .

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